NorsStar German Shepherds

V Ekkie vom Kirschental SchH1 Kkl1 a1

Eenie is a show line black and red female, born October 2002.  Her hip certification is a-normal, with a low ZW of 77.  She is also litter sister to our Eric (see Males page & click on Eric's pedigree)

She's a daughter of VA Vando v Moorbeck SchH3 and V Aische v Kirschental HGH.  Linebreeding:  Fanto Hirschel (3-4), Eiko Kirschental (4-5), Fedor Arminius (4-4), Uran Wildsteiger Land (5,5-5,5) and Q Litter Arminius (4-5)

V Diva von der Unendlichen Geschichte

SchH1 Kkl1 a1

Diva is a working line sable female, born January 2004..  Her hips and elbows are a-normal, with a ZW of 71.  She works very well:  clean, fast and hard-biting.  I am training her for SchH2.  She also has excellent conformation.

Diva is an Orry Wannaer Hohen daughter, linebred 4-4 on WUSV Champion Fado v Karthago, and 5-5 on Kim v Schloss Westhusen

Thanks to Arditi Canine for sending Diva to us!

Annika vom Haus Badawi

Nikki is a working line bi-color born December 2008.  She is out of SG Quaste v Salztalblick SchH3 a-normal, by V Branko v Salztalblick SchH3 a-normal.



Fizz vom NorsStar

Fizz is a sable female, born Aug 2007.  I'm training her in tracking, obedience and protection.

She's a daughter of V Ekkie v Kirschental SchH1 and SG Racker v Gleisdreieck SchH3. 


Kessy vom Cherusker a1 TT-2300-GSD

Kessy is a sable working line female, born December 2001.  Her hip certification is a-normal, and her ZW number is 73.  She's very athletic, with nice working-type structure.  She has given us beautiful puppies with rich pigment, and carries the black recessive.  Kessy is retired and enjoying life here on the farm.

She's a daughter of SG Natz v Heiligenbsch SchH3 (litter brother of Nick), and has great working dogs such as Timmy, Gildo and Dingo in her background.